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thinkBooker is a powerful, yet fast and simple booking process. Free from time-consuming sign-ups and long-winded forms, the system allows your customers to make bookings in minutes, on any device.


Booking Process
Back End
3rd Party Integration
Multi Lingual

Booking Process

thinkBooker is a powerful, yet fast and simple booking process. Free from time-consuming sign-ups and
long-winded forms, the system allows your customers to make bookings in minutes, on any device.


Easy Search Function

Customers can find the product they want, on any device, 24/7, via customised fields in a user-friendly search function.

Automatic Account Set-Up

First-time buyers are automatically registered with an account, allowing returning customers to quickly log-in without re-submitting information.

Easy and Secure Payment Gateway

Customer booking journeys are completed via a secure payment gateway, allowing them to make transactions via credit and debit cards, or PayPal options

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Putting Your Customers in Control

Customer experience is enhanced by the ‘My Booking’ area, which lets customers input essential information required for their booking, at a time of their choosing.

Multiple Products in One Order

Customers have the facility to purchase multiple products all within one transaction process, enhancing user-experience and providing upsell opportunities.


thinkBooker is designed to deliver a seamless user experience for both administrators and end-users.
A booking system that provides a fully-responsive, fast booking journey for the customer, and a powerful
management tool to access reports and data on any device.


Fast Booking Journey

A fast, user-friendly, and fully-responsive booking journey allows customers to book online from any device within 3 minutes.

Mobile Management

The responsive executive dashboard has been designed to let you view real-time booking information, reports and customer data from any location, on any device.

Seamless Customer Experience

From automatic registration for first-time customers, to a feature-rich ‘My Bookings’ area, customers have control of their account and booking history.

Empowering Your Brand

Unlike many ‘off-the-shelf’ systems, thinkBooker is designed to perfectly match your brand guidelines, matching the look and feel of your website and company image.

Back End Management Tools

A fully responsive executive dashboard provides you with seamless access to all your crucial customer
information, booking data, and product details, on any device. Improving your productivity and giving you
full control of your booking system.


Less Admin More Time

Automating those essential yet time-consuming tasks like client emails, payment reminders, and reports, can save hours, freeing up time on business growth activities. 

Simple Product Uploads

Quickly upload new products in minutes within your product admin area, with easy to follow custom fields, or clone existing products. 

Booking Management

The powerful back-end suite lets you take new bookings, manage cancellations, and stock levels, all customer and booking data captured in real-time. 

Mobile Accessibility

Access all essential data, customer info, booking details, and reports via the fully responsive executive dashboard at any time of day, from any location, on any device.

Increased Revenue

Easily add related products, branded merchandise or other ancillary products to the booking journey, or apply promotional codes, to enhance revenue opportunities. 

Improved Marketing and Customer Insight

An inbuilt CRM database securely captures essential customer data, providing crucial insight and a powerful tool for client engagement and marketing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To boost customer engagement and insight we’ve incorporated a powerful CRM database into the
thinkBooker system. Allowing you to capture that essential customer data and transaction history. 


Customer Insight

An in-built CRM database provides you with invaluable insight into the preferences, purchasing habits and key demographics of your customers. 

Improved Marketing & Customer Engagement

The securely stored data offers vital info for targeted campaigns, while encouraging greater engagement with your clients and enhancing brand loyalty.   

Automated Communication

Automated emails to clients further enhances client engagement and relationship management, while significantly saving time by reducing manual admin tasks. 


Use the stored database for targeted email marketing through our newsletter function, or easily integrate this with e-marketing tools such as MailChimp.


Integral to the back-office management suite of thinkBooker is the ability to produce value-adding
real-time reports, instantly and on any device.


Real Time Data

All bookings and cancellations are immediately captured on-site, in real-time. Meaning you always have your finger on the pulse of your business. 

Dashboard Overview of Key Metrics

The executive dashboard provides an instant view of the top-line metrics that are important to your business, such as total bookings, revenue, and daily stats.  

Access Anywhere, Any Time, Any How

Get the reports you need wherever you are, on any device, 24/7. Ideal if you work remotely, or away from the office for any reason. 

Customisable Reports

As well as a suite of standard reports, we’ll work with you to ensure the reports and data you need can be created as you need it, when you need it. 


At thinkBooker we understand the need for all your digital solutions to be working seamlessly together.
We can therefore fully integrate with other 3rd party software applications, such as:


Integration Specialists

Integration is not just a bolt-on service at thinkBooker. Our team of technical experts have been delivering complex integration solutions for more than twenty years. 

Payment Providers

We have an in-built payment gateway courtesy of Secure Trading. However, we’re also able to integrate with all major global payment providers, should you require. 

CRM & Email Marketing

If you use 3rd party CRM or e-marketing software in your business we’ll integrate it into your booking system to deliver a powerful sales & marketing solution.

Bespoke Integrations

We’ll integrate thinkBooker into existing complex networks, ensuring all software talks to each other as a compatible overall digital suite that drives your business. 


Enhancing customer experience in both a global business environment, and a multi-cultural society
will often necessitate delivering the same information in a multitude of languages.


In Your language

We understand the need for multi-lingual sites, and will work with you to deliver a booking journey in the languages you require.  

A Globally Focused Booking System

As an online solution, thinkBooker is a system without borders. Designed to deliver a seamless booking process wherever you are in the world. 

Multi-Cultural Society

Let us know the languages of your client base and we’ll work with you to deliver a booking system accordingly.  

Fully Translated Booking Journey

When we translate the system we translate the entire process, from the search to the check-out.